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Marketing & Promotional Opportunities 

Crystal Nelson has designed several promotional strategies to ensure maximum exposure for you company or product. Your logo and company name will be seen by spectators, exhibitors, trainers and vendors at events that occor every week. Some competitions last five days, others continue for nine weeks. Whatever the length of the horse show, advertising opportunities exist! 

Antares Saddles

Custom saddles for show-jumping and made in Saintes, France. The Antarès saddle is specifically custom made for you and your horse. Its quality is exceptional.


Ringside Hay Company LLC

Fresh hay from the fields to our farm. When you have a professional athlete as a horse, you want only the best for them. At Ringside Hay, quality hay is our primary goal. Knowing that your horse works as hard as he does, he needs the right amount of fiber, protein, energy and nutrients to maintain fitness and gut health.  RHC knows the importance and difference quality hay brings to each horse and it's owner. 

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Products for both horse and riders geared towards essential collection of riding accessories to equine necessities and protective gear! 

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Perfect Product

Perfect Products formulas are the most effective in the industry because we formulate each product with the same philosophy: we address specific problems using a dynamic variety of active ingredients for visible, consistent results. 

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