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"Not only is she a talented girl, but one of the hardest workers and most dedicated riders

I have ever dealt with.“ 

- Karen Healey

Named 2007 Hunter/Equitation Horseman of the Year by the Chronicle of the Horse

"Super rider, and welcome to come back anytime."

- Marin Soupal

World Cup and Prix Rider for the Czech Republic

"A Great Rider!"


- Nelson Pessoa

2 Olympic gold medals & 1 Silver, 7 time Champion of Hamburg Derby, and 3 time Champion of Hickstead Derby.  Winner of 150 Grand Prix and 4 time Brazilian Champion. 

Everytime I work with her, she always showed me her love for the horses and sport which is really important.  We have enjoyed the opportunity to help prepare Crystal for several International Horse Show competitions: Spruce Meadows Calgary Alberta, Canada ~ Del Mar International and Showpark, San Diego County. 


During our time together, Crystal demonstrated work ethics of a professional rather than an amateur as she prepared and competed in riding difficult horses to jump fault free. She is especially bold and brave with the confidence to get the job done. Over the years we have watched her compete at numerous horse shows with tremendous dedication that resulted in winning many classes and championships. She takes this sport seriously with passion to achieve the highest level of show jumping possible..Grand Prix, World Cup and Olympics. 


She is ambitious and very goal Oriented. Her determination to succeed combined with hard work is the difference between her and most professionals her age. Her ability surpasses the level of those she competes against. 

Woodgrove Farm ~ Carlsbad, CA

It gives me great pleasure to write a referral for Crystal, a student of mine for three years. In that time, Crystal developed into a skilled rider becoming a serious competition on the “A” circuit by having many victories while riding two difficult horses. The proof of her dedication and ambitious nature showed itself with her rapid advancement from Children/Adult Amateur Jumpers to competing in her first World Cup Grand Prix. This accomplishment has earned her much respect from the professionals in the equestrian field. 


Our first year together she was like a sponge, seizing every opportunity to learn more by challenging herself to achieve the highest level of riding. She would drive hours from college to the riding facility to observe my lessons, and then return home to practice them preparing her horses for competition. Crystal’s determination and hunger to learn over the years has amazed me. 

Crystal is a throwback to a time when kids took care of their own horses and were involved in every aspect of that care. Her willingness to work hard no matter what the task is a trait rarely seen in your riders today. She has even gone to the extent of mucking out stalls to afford a horse show or a lesson. Crystal’s integrity of heart inspires me to help her in every way possible to achieve her goals by developing her natural riding ability. I can honestly tell you that she is a wonderful person to be around and I want to do everything in my power to further her riding career. 


Crystal has now reached the level of competition that requires funding. Crystal has the talent, work ethic and determination to succeed, all she needs is a sponsor. 

Crystal’s competency level is extremely high and if she makes a commitment, she will see that commitment through to completion. She is analytical in her approach to developing initiatives; however, she is able to see the vision for the project and long-term opportunities for growth. Crystal works very well in a team environment and also is highly motivated to initiate and complete tasks at a higher standard than most. 


From an integrity perspective, Crystal displays the utmost of integrity in all that she endeavors. She is forthright, honest and candid in her dealings with others and seeks to build consensus, whenever possible. I have felt extremely comfortable delegating new initiatives to Crystal and observing the way that she accomplishes the task, while honoring people in the process. 


Whether your considering bringing Crystal as a trainer or utilizing her talents in some way, you will be glad you did. 

Cindy Goss, CEO

Propel Business Solutions, Inc

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